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*Walking down the street towards Fraulein Schneider's boarding house, Kost chuckles, recalling the events that had just happened in the klub*

That Blythe woman showed quite a bit of restraint throughout our conversation. I expected to be slapped after the first few minutes. Most likely, she did not want her reputation to be tarnished any further than it already is. Or perhaps, it is possible that she enjoyed being teased. Either way, I enjoy doing it every chance I get. Blythe is definitely an improvement on my usual target. Toying with Schneider is growing old; the woman just does not seem to be fun anymore. she is much too occupied with that jewish fruit seller, Herr Schultz. Also, I doubt Leona would approve of my teasing the old woman.

*entering the boarding house, Kost makes her way up the stairs to her room. Stopping momentarily at Dolores' door, Kost almost gives in to knocking on her door, but she doesn't. She can almost hear Leona reprimanding her for that as she unlocks her door*

I know...... I'll make up with Dolores at some point soon, Leona. I promise.... as long as your there with me when I do it.

*closing the door behind her, Kost removes her coat and starts to tidy up the room so that Leona wouldn't have to do that very thing when she returns from her walk with Ivy.

Picking up Leona's robe from the bed, the scent of her perfume wafts towards Kost. Smiling, she holds the robe closer, breathing in that clean, powdery, almost sharp, floral scent. She loved that smell, and couldn't help but smile every time she caught that scent.

After having hung up the robe, Kost still smiling, goes over to the window, hoping to air out the room a bit, when two figures down below catch her eye; Herman and Leona. Kost watches them for a few moments before going back to her tidying, somehow content that Leona has found another friend, this time outside of the boarding house*
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